Creating a sustainable future together

The VBGU combines the tradition of German mining with modern traditions through its commitment and experience. We place great value on transparent, believable information policies without losing sight of innovative, visionary perspectives on the basis of our ethical responsibility.

Mining and raw materials in Germany

Germany has been a technically and economically leading mining country over the past few centuries, and it should remain so. This, however, also results in the obligation to eliminate the "negative" consequences of mining. In doing so, the VBGU has set benchmarks with the participating high-tech companies, for example during deconstruction of the Wismut uranium mines, re-cultivation of lignite opencast mining or in the subject of landfill dangerous wastes.

Mining is going through changes everywhere. In some parts of the world it is expanding. However, in Europe it is mostly on the retreat - but not without perspective in any way whatsoever. The term "burdens in perpetuity" points to the endlessness of certain tasks. From our point of view, the word "post-mining" describes the sector which the VBGU companies will also successfully have to deal with in the future in a special way.

Ethical responsibility

The VBGU mainly focuses on the social acceptance of mining and places its focus on the best-possible transparency. The increasing rejection of mining projects throughout wide sectors of society can only be countered with believable, comprehensible communication strategies. We play our part in improving the image of mining in general in this wide sector of social acceptance through the entire value adding chain, from exploration up to the construction.

With the provision of information material, publicity and lobby work in addition to the joint appearance of our members at trade fairs, the VBGU is initiating constructive dialogues and is promoting mutual exchange of experiences through the organisation and implementation of workshops, colloquia and field trips. This also includes the Association's annual general meeting and our New Year reception, which has now become tradition.

Further communication channels are our homepage, the BDG fact sheets, and publications both through publishing houses and the press. You can find an overview of our wide range of activities here.

The lobby work, publicity work and further training range of services

  • Participation in ambassador conferences arranged by the German Foreign Office in addition to BMWi, BDI and BDA events.
  • Working discussions with ambassadors and Embassy staff (preparation of member company foreign activities under consideration of the ambassador for the relevant country) and also with financial institutions.
  • Member company expert work in regional/supra-regional economic and specialist associations.
  • Active participation in self-governing bodies belonging to the miner's association and social jurisdiction.
  • Regular information (and working discussions) between member companies:
    • covering current Federal Republic and EU documents and projects in the field of working, waste, mining, environment and water rights
    • events relevant to the profession
    • economic and economic policy trends.
  • The organisation and implementation of:
    • workshops on current and selected issues.
    • field trips
    • annual specialist colloquia with integrated field trip
    • New Year's reception with lectures on current issues
  • Partner for the GEC – Geotechnics and Congress in Offenburg with in-house exhibition and specialist lectures in October
  • Support for the Vintage Mining Congress in Leoben, Austria, for example through member company exhibits and specialist lectures in November
  • Partner for the DMT GmbH & Co. KG mining forum

Perspective and visions

According to us, ideal comes before ideology. For this purpose, across-the-board assignments and trends need to be recognised, so that visions for our members' future entrepreneurial success can be developed from them.

We continue to see the basis for the above in consistent business development and respectable, efficient lobby work. On top of this we increasingly intend to deal with mining and infrastructure research in addition to nature conservation and renewable energy issues. In this context the qualification of our association members will also play an important role in the future.

A further consideration is the initiation of a "future commission" once or twice a year, which will evaluate the scientific and technological trends and develop points of approach for future activities in order to support these. In this case the VBGU is sought after as an idea provider - for example in the sectors of traffic routes and infrastructure, pipeline routes, pipelines, post-mining etc.

Visions arise from correct decisions - developed on the basis of evolved experience and implemented with comprehensive technical and communication know-how. We will be using this philosophy to represent the interests of our members both today and tomorrow.