Giving expression to your voice

In cases where everyone has a voice, things don't just get loud but also inefficient. Because we are deeply connected with the issues of mining and raw materials, understanding results much more quickly from listening - and effective, proactive actions to the benefit of our members results from understanding.

Networking for entrepreneurial success

In this context we know that we can build on our members' trust. We have developed into one of the largest, and especially economically stable, successful and future-oriented employer association on the basis of this stance.

  • Reliable factor in the employer association landscape since 1990
  • Focused on representing company interests
  • Acknowledged expertise partner in the German association landscape
  • Expertise in the development of new economic perspectives both home and abroad

You can find a specific list of our services for members here.

Services for members

  • Protective function of an employer association which represents the interests of its member companies to officials, authorities and economic organisations
  • Negotiation of economically and socially acceptable tariff agreements with the responsible industrial trade unions in mining, chemicals and energy
  • Access to key German ministries and nationally-active employer organisations
  • Company-oriented representation of interests to ministries, officials and administrations
  • Key contact to the legislature in the implementation of laws, ordinances and directives
  • Efficient cooperation with other associations and institutions
  • Versatile and effective publicity communication for the retention and promotion of economic success in national and international sectors
  • Information portal for access to current German and EU documents and laws in addition to notifications
  • Further training measures on current economic policy issues and both mining and raw material-specific specialist subjects
  • Access to geoportals through committee work
  • Working contact with decision-makers in the relevant general directorates, with European Union consultants in Brussels and with economic and political decision-makers in central and east European candidate countries in addition to AKP countries
  • Initiation of temporary cooperation relationships between member companies

Our practically-oriented activities are designed strictly on the basis of effectiveness and efficiency, but are still continuously optimised and further developed. This consistent and systematic support forms the basis for the entrepreneurial success of our members in the sectors of mining, raw material extraction, geotechnics and environmental protection in the form of infrastructure projects, regenerative energies or the implementation of special services in addition to the setting up of innovative, new business fields both home and abroad.

How to become a member

Our association provides a lot of services at membership fees which are set up very moderately in comparison with other mining and environmentally-specific employer associations.

You can read the statutes and member application in the Downloads section.